Our 10 Favorite Devils From Movies And TV Shows

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04.18.13 27 Comments

For being the most evil character in the history of man, both real and fictional, the Devil has had his and/or her moments. Sure, there’s that whole damning people to burning in a lake of fire for all of eternity and tricking people into selling their souls, but there have been quite a few times that the devil has just been so damn charming about all of it. In some cases, the devil has even been downright sexy.

Of course, we have to remind ourselves from time to time that the devil is, of course, the living embodiment of evil and all that is wrong in this world, but TV and cinema just make it way too difficult sometimes. In fact, it was a little too easy coming up with this list of devils that we can’t help but love.

The Devil: Jason Sudeikis, Saturday Night Live

SNL has had its fair share of devil characters over the years, but Sudeikis’ devil had that demon-next-door charm that made up for him being the guy behind Internet comments, buffering, and Terms of Service agreements. Alas, after the Penn State scandal, he quit and returned to his job at Time Warner.

The Devil: Elizabeth Hurley, Bedazzled

This one wasn’t fair. If Liz Hurley shows up to your apartment in a tight red leather outfit and gives you a contract, you’re going to sign it. Well, unless you’re blind, but even then she’ll probably restore your sight just so you can see her.

The Devil: Al Pacino, The Devil’s Advocate

Here’s the perfect example of a guy who’s pure evil but kills everyone with charm. Even after he reveals that you’re his son and he needs your willing participation to help enslave the human race and bring about an eternity of darkness, you’d still have to consider it based on the pep talk alone.

The Devil: George Burns, Oh God, You Devil!

George Burns not only had the perfect name for an actor playing the ruler of Hell, but he also had a great look to play both God and Satan. Although, Burns’ devil was a little on the stingy side, as his 7-year contract was a little weak for a soul. I mean, you’ve gotta make me a rock star for at least 20 years or the deal’s off.

The Devil: Tom Waits, The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus

Now Tom Waits’ devil, he was a generous lord of evil. He offered Dr. Parnassus immortality in exchange for not his soul, but that of his daughter. And even then, he was willing to gamble for it. If you respect anything about the devil, it’s his willingness to offer chances.

The Devil: Dave Grohl, The Pick of Destiny

Dave Grohl could show up with a smidge of red makeup on his face, a little red trident made for a small child and use his pointer fingers for horns, and he’d still be one of the greatest devils ever. He’s Dave Grohl, dammit.

The Devil: Harvey Keitel, Little Nicky

This is a tricky one, because while Keitel’s devil was out-eviled by two of his three sons, he was the man in charge. But what makes it more complicated is that Keitel wasn’t actually THE devil in Little Nicky. That honor went to Rodney Dangerfield. But the idea of Dangerfield being Keitel’s dad made it an outstanding joint effort.

The Devil: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Shortcut to Happiness

Like Hurley, Jennifer Love Hewitt in sexy outfits offering fame and fortune is a recipe for “Yes, please”. Try to deny it, but if Hewitt showed up at your door in a red leather overcoat, the first words out of your mouth would be, “Where do I sign?”

The Devil: Trey Parker, South Park

South Park’s devil wants to rule the world, as is God’s No. 1 enemy’s M.O. in most literature, but this Satan has quite the soft spot. Hell, we can even forgive him for dating Saddam Hussein because all he wants is for us to give him a chance. He was an angel once, you know.

The Devil: Tim Curry, Legend

Of all of the devils we’ve mentioned, Tim Curry’s Darkness from the 1985 fantasy classic Legend takes the cake for the scariest version. In fact, between his devil and the clown from IT, Curry may have been the scariest man in Hollywood between ’85 and ’90. So what Darkness lacks in charm, he more than makes up for in terrifying us 28 years later.

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