Ouya Thinks Buying Games Is For Vomit-Soaked Losers

08.21.13 6 years ago 6 Comments

So, the Ouya isn’t doing so well — few are buying the console, and even fewer are buying games for the little cube. Something needs to be done to right the Ouya ship! Perhaps a slick new advertising campaign is in order? Yeah, that might work!

Unfortunately the first official Ouya ad hit the web yesterday and it’s about as far from slick as possible. The message of the ad, which features a pantsless loser filling an entire room with vomit before beating himself to death with his own spine, is basically “paying money for video games is for morons”. A strange message considering the Ouya’s most pressing problem is that 75% of its owners have yet to buy a single game for the system. Maybe the makers of the Ouya are trying to create the ideal socialist game console — nobody buying anything ever! Free crappy Android demos for all!

Hit the jump to check out the ad…

I actually kind of like the ad just as a piece of gross-out animation, but what in the world made the Ouya people think “mid-90s Genesis ad except even more over the top” was appropriate for their cute little console for casual gamers?

Well, anyways, I hope you vomit-crusted losers feel bad for buying the last Call of Duty. Buy an Ouya!

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