Overrated Director Adapting Obscure Manga Next

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08.20.10 9 Comments

I think I might be alone in viewing Alexander Aja as pretty overrated. I remember paying to see “High Tension” only to discover that the twist was so retarded M. Night Shyamalan made fun of it (when your twist makes no geographical sense, you have gravely humped the canine). He’d follow that up with a mediocre remake (“The Hills Have Eyes”) and a crappy ghost story featuring Jack Bauer. Now, he’s got “Piranha 3D” coming out, and advance word is that it’s just as terrible as the advertising makes it look.

Yet, people still care about what he does, so, here’s what he’s doing next: “Cobra-Space Pirate”. Here’s the plot summary: “Cobra. He’s a space pirate.” Yeah, there’s tattooed treasure maps and stuff, but this is a case of “exactly what it sounds like.” It’s not a hugely complex story. Apparently it was huge in Europe and manga fans seem to like it, so this could be fun, even in the hands of the guy who made freakin’ “Mirrors”.

[ via Deadline ]

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