A Cheeky Aussie Commentates On Australia’s Greatest Olympic Win Ever

(NSFW audio)

With the Rio 2016 Olympics in full swing right now, perhaps we should look back on other amazing Olympics feats. Or at least that seems to be the motivation behind the newest cheeky video from Ozzy Man Reviews, who previously commentated the Game of ThronesBattle of the Bastards,” a video of animals getting drunk, a praying mantis fighting a cat, and an MMA knockout. Now he returns to the realm of sports with a “critical analysis of the greatest gold medal win ever,” Steven Bradbury bringing home Australia’s first Winter Olympic gold medal in 2002.

It’s the “greatest” not only because Ozzy Man is biased in favor of the home team, but because Bradbury won the medal in a hilarious way — simply by being the only speed skater who didn’t fall over — as seen in the video above. As usual, the best part of Ozzy’s videos are his color commentary:

“Sure, sure, some people will say, ‘Oi, he was losing,’ but those people are d*ckheads. It was all strategy. 99 percent of the time, if you leave people alone, they will self-destruct, f*ck up, and butcher their lives like me uncle Terry did. Anyway, Steve-o knows this, and that was his plan. People in the crowd were yelling, ‘Go faster, Steve,’ and he was like, ‘Shut up, d*ckheads, that’s a sh*t idea. Why would I put effort into going fast when I can go at a leisurely pace and f*cking take home gold?’ Undeniable. Fair dinkum. Genius.”


(Via Ozzy Man Reviews)