Three 'Pacific Rim' Videos Bring The Rocket Elbows, Stick Fighting, And A Wildcard

Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim opens July 12th, so the promotion is ramping up with all of the pictures from last week and three new clips today. This first one gives us our best look yet at a Jaeger robot punching a Kaiju monster in the face.


The second clip shows how Charlie Hunnam’s character and Rinko Kikuichi’s character decided to be copilots. The best way to see if you’re compatible with a coworker is to re-enact the Robin Hood Daffy Looney Tunes episode. Ho! Ha ha! Guard! Turn! Parry! Dodge! Spin! Ha! Thrust!

The final clip shows a conversation between Charlie Day’s character (named Dr. Newton Geiszler because sure, why not?) and Ron Perlman’s character (named Hannibal Chau because of course). The doctor wants to purchase a Kaiju’s secondary brain. This seems to be an unfinished version without the background noise added in post, which would explain why both of them are acting like they need to yell to be heard.

Ron Perlman wants to know why he’d want the monster’s brain? As if Charlie Day needs a reason…

(H/T: Bleeding Cool. Banner via Warner Bros. Pictures.)