Idris Elba Still Vowing To Cancel The Apocalypse In Extended ‘Pacific Rim’ Video

All of Warner’s promotion for Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim has been reassuring so far, and today’s “extended TV spot” is no exception. The two-minute spot rhythmically builds to Idris Elba’s character delivering the now-familiar motivational speech ending with, “Today we are cancelling the apocalypse.” We want Idris Elba and Bill Pullman to give us motivational speeches every morning. Every day could be our Independence Day.

That video is below (try to ignore the distracting “#PacificRim” under it), and we also have a cool poster drawn by Sergio Grisanti which will be available at the first IMAX showings.

We’ve also just realized Idris Elba’s character is named “Stacker Pentecost”. We haven’t decided if that’s the awesomest or silliest thing ever. He needs a sidekick named Packer Ramadan.

Pacific Rim opens July 12th, 2013.

[Sources: Coming Soon and Hero Complex. Pictures courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures.]