The Giant Robots Of ‘Pacific Rim’ Get Even More Improved Names (Reader Edition)

Pacific Rim may have finished third at the box office this weekend, but that doesn’t mean we can’t continue to enjoy the silly names of the giant robots (Jaegers) in the film. With names like Gipsy Danger, Striker Eureka, and Crimson Typhoon, these robots would be right at home in Key & Peele’s “East/West College Bowl” sketch.

After we posted these improved Jaeger names on Friday, commenters here and at Fark joined the fun, adding new Jaegers like the one above made by RaiderFanMikeP. We’ve collected a baker’s dozen of our favorites made by the readers. Come to think of it, “Reeder Bakersdozen” could also be a Jaeger name.

Made by Kyle in Tampa.

Made by k4mi.

Made by porkythefirst.

Made by Harold_of_the_Rocks.

Made by Mikey1969.

Made by olapbill.

Made by HeartBurnKid.

Made by StaleCoffee.

Made by Harold_of_the_Rocks.

Made by porkythefirst.

Made by Branch Dravidian.

Made by Thunderboy.