‘Pacific Rim’ Squeezes In One Last Trailer And More Videos, Now Has ‘Supertickets’ For Sale

We thought last week’s Pacific Rim trailer was the final one, but Warner just dropped another two-minute trailer before the film opens this Friday. The editing is a little weird, but a robot punches a monster so we’re okay with it. We also have a clip and a few TV spots we liked. In the clip, Charlie Hunnam’s character has a contentious first conversation with Rob Kazinsky’s character. In the TV spots, robots punch monsters and Idris Elba says something badass, probably.

It’s been a big weekend for Pacific Rim updates. Celebrities who saw advanced screenings are tweeting compliments, including Kanye West saying “it’s easily one of my favorite movies of all time.” (Yo, I’m real happy for you.)

Additionally, Warner started selling $20 “Supertickets” for showings of Pacific Rim in Canada. The tickets went on sale at Cineplex Entertainment locations on Friday. The superticket includes a theater ticket and a pre-order of a digital copy which releases early and includes exclusive content. If they really want to capture the Canadian superticket market, they should throw in a coupon for Tim Hortons and a picture of Tommy Douglas.


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