‘Pacific Rim’ Will Be Getting Its Own Fighting Game

Kaiju and video games can actually go together very well. King of The Monsters is a beloved wrestling game that’s hilariously faithful to the cheese factor, and Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee was a hilariously faithful and ridiculous game that paid affectionate tribute to Toho’s franchise.

And apparently Pacific Rim is hoping to bring back some of that magic.

Especially interesting is the developer, Yuke’s, which has a long, long history of wrestling games: They’re the guys behind the WWE Smackdown! games, among other fighting and wrestling games.

It’s also a surprisingly quiet release. It was outed by the Australian games classification board: Sadly all we know is that it’s violent and will be on multiple platforms as a digital download.

One wonders how this game came about, and why we’re only hearing about it now with the movie just a few months away. Guillermo Del Toro, the man behind the movie, and THQ had a working relationship, and THQ obviously has a long history of wrestling games and tie-ins: One wonders if this was an abandoned project that Yuke’s itself was forced to finish. It’s especially odd because most of the fights seem to take place in ocean arenas, and water’s kind of a pain in the ass to render.

Either way, we just want to beat up giant monsters with robots, and apparently we’re going to get our wish sooner or later. But will we have Ellen McLain’s voice talents?