Pamela Anderson Has Admitted To Getting ‘Frisky’ With Julian Assange And Joking With Him About ‘Getting Hitched’

Nearly every time I write about Pamela Anderson, the (unsophisticated) first thought that runs through my head is this: “she’s really been through some sh*t.” This includes how she endured a private home movie ending up in circulation, which inspired an admittedly entertaining Hulu series. That home movie (and how it received a nod in Borat) also ended up being one reason why Pam split from Kid Rock. She then married and divorced Rick Solomon and Dan Hayhurst, and she wed Jon Peters for 12 days, which still led to him leaving her $10 million in his will. And I am not about to generally judge Pam’s love life because life is complicated, although I’ll admit to a side eye over whatever happened with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

Assange was bad romantic news no matter how one paints matters, but one of the paparazzi’s highlights of 2016 happened to be how Pamela was frequently photographed coming and going from the Ecuadorian embassy in London. She even showed up with a ^^ vegan breakfast ^^ in tow, and although Pamela previously characterized assumptions (about a relationship between her and Julian) as “sexist,” she’s finally talking. That makes sense, given that January 31 is the release date for her Netflix documentary, Pamela, A Love Story, and her memoir, Love, Pamela. Via the Sunday Times and Insider, things did get “frisky,” alright:

“One night, Julian and I shared a strong bottle of mescal. We passed out, and I woke up at four in the morning with his cat on my chest,” Anderson wrote, the outlet reported. “We’d both fallen asleep following a slightly frisky, fun, alcohol-induced night together. My car was still waiting outside, and I’m sure that sent some tongues wagging.”

She added: “We joked about getting hitched on the front steps of the embassy – maybe then they wouldn’t arrest him? But then again, he joked, why would he give up one prison for another?”

In retrospect, it’s a relief that this “joke” about marriage never turned into anything real. Surely, it would not have changed anything about Assange’s ongoing situation involving a high-security U.K. prison. He did get married last year, but fortunately, Pamela was not involved. After all, she has some living to do out there.

Pamela: A Love Story is streaming on Netflix, and Love, Pamela is available in bookstores.

(Via Insider & PEOPLE)