Two Paramedics Were Arrested For An Alleged ‘Selfie War’ Involving Patients


In a case of one-upmanship gone seriously wrong, two Florida paramedics were arrested for allegedly and repeatedly taking selfies in their ambulance. Kayla Renee Dubois and Christopher Wimmer were apprehended for a so-called “selfie war” with the two competing over could take the most photos with patients, and many of these people were unconscious.

Dubois was charged with two felonies while Wimmer is looking at seven felonies, including a misdemeanor battery charge. It has to be scary to think that when you’re in an ambulance with a debilitating injury, where you should feel relieved and safe, someone could be hovering about with a phone. Imagine one of those unconscious patients waking up midway through the selfie and growing even more confused. Okaloosa County Sheriff Larry Ashley said he was disgusted by the actions the two took. He revealed how authorities had identified 41 victims:

“The patients were incubated, sedated, and other wise unconscious. Some were over the line and made to humiliate the patients. It was a sick juvenile game, I don’t know any other way to describe it. It was a game of who can be the most vile, who can I get a picture with, it’s humiliating.”

A few instances alleged that Wimmer opened the eyelids of a sedated patient and posed with an elderly woman while her breasts were exposed. Selfies have been linked to causing narcissism, and if these paramedics are guilty, then they most definitely fall into that trap. Ashley said the victims whom they identified were pretty angry when they were told of the incident. No doubt.

(Via WJHG in Florida)

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