How To Embarrass Your Daughter And Her Boyfriend? Recreate Their Selfies

09.11.15 3 years ago

A parent’s best punishment is relating. Try to talk like your son, or dress like your daughter, and you’re guaranteed to humiliate and shame them to the point of OMG MOM I HATE YOU SOOOOOO MUCH. It’s even easier to do so these days, with so much of a teen’s life being documented online for everyone to see. Emily Musson’s parents weren’t trying to discipline their little girl, though — they wanted to parody the selfies her and her boyfriend, Johnny, take.

Also, they might be on drugs.

Emily told BuzzFeed, “My dad is sort of conservative, so it’s interesting she [my mom] got him to participate.” They still haven’t met Johnny, so that should be awkward for everyone involved.

(Via BuzzFeed)

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