Paris Hilton Claims To Be One Of The Top Five DJs In The World. And She Might Be Right.

TMZ is covering Paris Hilton again and I decided to see what my old friend was up to in life. Seems that someone asked how her career as an electronic musician was panning out and Hilton replied by saying she was one of the top five DJs in the entire world. If Paris Hilton is a top notch DJ then I’m a respected and well-liked author.

We did some digging … and sources close to Paris tell us she makes between $100k and $350k per hour when she DJs. (via)

Oh God, it might be true! What have I done with my life!? What kind of world do I live in where Paris Hilton gets multiple chances at fame and fortune? All I want is to pay my student loans within 20 years and she could do it in under an hour of spinning other people’s music.

Now I will be the first to admit that the world of electronic music is one that is foreign to me. I can listen to and enjoy various artists, but I couldn’t see myself paying for a concert or appreciating a bombardment of chest thumping beats. Maybe on drugs, which is what I assume people are using when they pay Paris Hilton $300 grand to play music. This tidbit from TMZ really stands out though:

Still, Hilton has her work cut out for her … the highest paid DJ in 2013 was Calvin Harris, who reportedly raked in $46 … followed by Tiesto ($32 mil).  Even Pauly D made $12 mil.

Meanwhile I’m slowly killing myself smoking cigarettes, sipping booze and drinking tap water. Amazing world we occupy for a while.

(Lead image Via gettyimages)