Paris Hilton Is Getting Dragged For Claiming Trump’s Sexual Assault Accusers Just ‘Want Attention’

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Paris Hilton has come a long way from her baby voice and “that’s hot” catchphrase of the aughts. These days the former reality star is the world’s highest paid DJ and successful businesswoman in her own right, managing a variety of product lines and business endeavors. She’s also gotten pretty serious with The Leftovers star Chris Zylka, whom she began dating earlier this year.

Things are going pretty well for Hilton these days, which was the focus of a Marie Claire profile that came out Monday, appearing in the magazine’s September issue. Unfortunately it’s not the heiress’ business acumen that’s making headlines as the takeaway from the story. It’s hardly a little known fact that Hilton’s family has a long-standing friendship with Donald Trump (or one could probably surmise, assuming all rich people know each other), who once told Howard Stern that he found 12-year-old Hilton attractive and even admitted to watching her sex tape. You know, like family friends do!

Yet, following the 2016 election Hilton admitted to having voted for the guy since she had “known him since she was a little girl.” In the profile, she backtracked on that claim to Marie Claire writer Irin Carmon (now claiming she didn’t vote at all), but what else came out of her mouth was so much worse. On Tuesday morning Carmon tweeted a screenshot of an excerpt of her interview with Hilton that wouldn’t fit in the print piece, and my god, you just need to read it for yourself.

That’s a lot of nonsense right there, but obviously Hilton’s victim shaming remarks are the most egregious (her claim that Trump is “good looking” and “charming” a close second). Carmon’s tweet quickly began to go viral and Hilton’s remarks are not going over so great on Twitter, to say the least.

Consider this your reminder that some things, like UGG boots and trucker hats, should have stayed in 2004.

(Marie Claire via The Cut)

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