This Parking Lot Video Is Guaranteed To Spike Your Blood Pressure

I have some extremely radical views on driving laws, and I’m not talking about the big ones like, “Hey boozey, don’t drive drunk!” or “Hey jerk loser, put your f*cking phone down before you kill someone!” I’m talking extremely radical like people should have to be tested every year to receive and keep their driver’s licenses and people should have to pass height requirements to be able to drive certain types of cars. And this may all sound insane, but I live in Florida and fear for my life on a daily basis… and I walk almost everywhere.

That said, I don’t know which European country this parking lot video comes from, but this person’s incredibly asinine 4-minute attempt to leave a small parking lot is the best evidence for my fascist views on vehicle ownership and operation yet. I don’t even really care where this happened either, because it could have been some back road in Romania or at a mall in Boca, and neither would shock me.

(Via The Daily Dot)