Let April From ‘Parks And Rec’ Show You How To Be A Loveable Cynic

10.18.15 4 years ago

Easily the greatest ensemble cast on television in the past decade (with apologies to 30 Rock), Parks and Recreation won viewers hearts with its diverse array of quirky characters. One of the key reasons that the series connected with viewers was because its leads were more than just archetypes of optimists (Leslie Knope, Chris Traeger), doers (Ben Wyatt, Donna Meagle), lovable goofballs (Andy Dwyer, Tom Haverford), and so on, but were actually fully realized individuals who were given the chance to grow during the show’s run. The character who did the most growing during Parks’ seven seasons was Aubrey Plaza’s April Ludgate. Originally a world-weary cynic driven only by laziness, the acerbic April eventually softened a bit to become a devoted wife to Andy. April also eventually found her calling by helping people find their perfect vocation working for the American Service Foundation, but she was still caustic to the end. As such a biting character, it’s no surprise that April gets a lot of Parks and Rec‘s best lines. With that in mind let’s take a look at April Ludgate’s most sarcastic and/or world-hating quotes.

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