‘Parks & Recreation’ Characters Get The Saturday Morning Cartoon Treatment

Courtesy of our friend Jon Defreest, of course. As he and Vulture put it:

“Back in the day, many a sitcom and live action funny person got the kiddie cartoon treatment… So why not the cast of Parks and Recreation? Especially since the good-hearted denizens of Pawnee already have the goofy, sweet qualities of the best Saturday-morning cartoons…”

Oh man I would pour a ginormous mixing bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and watch the sh*t out of that. They wouldn’t even need to rewrite an episode, just animate the current ones and maybe toss in a cartoon Lil Sebastian in the background of every scene for good measure. And if that’s not a go, how about just an Archer-style animated spin off about the zany adventures of Tom and Jean Ralphio? I would piss tears into my cereal if that became a reality.

The more I think about this the more I’m wondering why it isn’t a thing. Hello? Revenue streams, anyone? Defreest, give me a call.