This Video Parodies What The World Would Be Like If Meat Eaters Acted Like Vegans

YouTube personality JP Sears is the mastermind behind this parody which puts meat eaters in the shoes typically worn by stereotypical, smug vegans and vegetarians. “It’s not that vegetable eaters are bad people… It’s just that they’re terrible people,” Sears states at the beginning of the video.

Okay, so very few vegetarians actually act this way (or none who I personally know, at least), but it’s still undeniably funny to hear Sears refer to a sausage as a “meat-based substitute for cucumber.” After all, it’s got “all of the taste and texture of a cucumber, with none of the cucumber.” As an omnivore who tends to lean more to a vegetarian diet and rarely eats red meat, I have to admit: sausage is way, waaaay more tasty than cucumber.

And while most of his arguments are purely satire, he does make one excellent point by saying, “Do you even know how dangerous deer are when you’re driving your car? If you don’t kill and eat deer first, you basically want people to get into car accidents.” There you have it. Eat a deer, save a car.