A Pastafarian Wore A Pasta Strainer On His Head In His Driver’s License Photo

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08.26.13 4 Comments

In one spicy meat-a-ball of a story, a Texas Tech University student socked it to the limp noodle government by becoming the first American to “win” the right to wear a pasta strainer on his head in driver’s license photo. Eddie Castillo is a Pastafarian, you see, and Pastafarians pray to the all-mighty Flying Spaghetti Monster, a flying, slug-like creature with meatballs for boobs (think of it as an airborne Snooki). The Daily News reports:

Preaching religious tolerance, a Texas “Pastafarian” persuaded Department of Public Safety workers in Lubbock to let him wear a ceremonial pasta strainer like a hat for his driver’s license photo.

“Once she allowed me to, I put the pasta strainer on my head,” Texas Tech student Eddie Castillo told KLBK. “I took the biggest, cheesiest smile I ever took.” (Via)

Castillo is one Olive Garden visit away from having the dream life.


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