Pastor Gives Gay Rights Speech With A Twist Ending Worthy Of That One Good M. Night Shyamalan Movie

Yeah, yeah, “what are your politics doing in my weekend posts? I expect pictures of lady boobs and GIFs, dagnabbit, and them’s the way I like it,” you’re probably saying, to which I respond: I agree. But this video, of a speech Reverend Phil Snider of the Brentwood Christian Church gave in August during a Springfield, Missouri City Council public hearing, via Gawker, is too awesome not to feature.

I won’t “spoil” the ending (the wind didn’t do it), but I do recommend that while listening to Snider speak, you watch the bearded gentlemen in the crowd behind him. His facial expressions are worthy of a single-serving Tumblr. He literally does a *record scratch* double take at one point. I thought only dogs in 1980s teen sex romp comedies did that.

(And because I know someone’s going to say something, I’m obviously referring to Signs in the headline.)

(Via Gawker)