All The Times Patrick Stewart Has Won The Internet

Sir Ian McKellen And Patrick Stewart Visit Foyles Bookshop
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Everyone knows that Patrick Stewart is a terrific actor thanks to his roles as Captain Jean-Luc Picard on Star Trek: The Next Generation and as Professor X in the X-Men films, and that’s not even getting into the stage roles for which he has won great acclaim. But he’s also proven time and again that he is a master of social media, hamming it up on Twitter with fellow Brit Sir Ian McKellan (seriously, these two are straight up adorable together) or participating in goofy talk show skits that go viral quicker than that outbreak that caused Planet of the Apes to happen. Stewart is the very definition of a Renaissance man, so in honor of his 75th birthday, let’s take a look at ten times Sir Patrick Stewart won the Internet.

The Most Annoying Person On The Plane

In this classic sketch from Jimmy Kimmel Live, Patrick Stewart takes on the guise of horrible plane passengers. I’d laugh harder if I haven’t been seated next to every one of these maniacs at some point or another during my life.

Patrick Stewart: Rock Lobster

On Halloween 2013, Sir Stew (as his friends call him) posted the above picture of himself as a Lobster on Twitter. Fortunately, the water wasn’t boiling and we were all saved the spectacle of watching Jonathan Frakes trying to eat his old friend. That dude is just nuts for shellfish.

Patrick Stewart: Uncensored

When X-Men director Bryan Singer got a calf tattoo of Cerebro’s helmet last week, Stewart came along for moral support…and to hilariously launch into a profanity-driven tirade against screenwriter Simon Kinberg for promising to also get a tattoo but not following through. There’s something so satisfying about hearing curses shouted with a British accent, isn’t there?

Make It So! Make It So! Make It So!

What happens when someone edits a Star Trek-centric version of a holiday classic? You discover what Christmas is like in the 23rd Century. Also, shut up, Wesley. Pizza and Conan

Patrick Stewart became the focus of some Internet incredulity when he posted a picture on Twitter in 2013 saying he was enjoying his first piece of pizza ever. In the above clip, Conan O’Brien attempts to get to the bottom of the mystery, making me desperate for some Dominos in the process.

Ian and Patrick and Elmo

By now, the Internet is well aware of the bromance between BFF’s Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellan. Together, the pair took New York City by storm while in town for a 2013 production of Waiting for Godot. Arguably the most memorable photo of the pair had them posing with a faux-Elmo in Times Square. But the StewKellan fun doesn’t end there…

Ian and Patrick On The Newlywed Game

Patrick and Ian aren’t married, despite being absolutely perfect for each other. But do they know each other as well as a couple would? Find out with the above clip that makes us yearn for some Next Generation nuptials.

Marriage In The Ball Pit

How did Patrick Stewart announce that he had married girlfriend Sunny Ozell? In a picture taken at a friend’s ball pit, obviously. What did you expect? They were registered at Chuck E. Cheese’s after all.

Acting Tips From Patrick Stewart

We’re not going to say that Patrick Stewart is stoned here (other websites have already beat us to that), but do say that we have a sudden desire to attend an acting class taught by him. And also a hankering for some Cheetos and hot dogs.

The Pissed-Off Picard Meme

One of the most popular memes of the past couple of years is the so-called WTF Meme, in which a picture of an agitated Captain Picard can be used to express frustration with any of life’s little irritants

In case you wondering why the Internet exists, here you go.