Patriotic Essentials, Dogs On Swings, and Links

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The Craziest (And Coolest) Celebrity Items Ever Listed And Purchased At Auctions [Uproxx]

Theaters Already Hate Netflix For Theaters [Uproxx]

Drunken, slurring dwarf sings “Cutie Patootie” [Filmdrunk]

Sons of Anarchy season 4 promo [WarmingGlow]

NBA players respond to the #Lockout [WithLeather]

Man Who Unleashed Rebecca Black On The World Tries Again [Uproxx]

Notable Quotable Special Edition: The Mack [TSS]

Nike Gives Michael Vick A New Endorsement Deal [RealTalkNY]

LA Residents Can Now Get Their Traffic News From Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter [Uproxx]

Excuse Me, Is This Your Bear Urine? [NatGeo]

A supercut of all Ray Harryhausen’s monsters [io9]

When mascots get perverted; A video/photo essay [Guyism]

25 Things from the 90’s We Hope Never Come Back [CollegeHumor]

NYPD Sets Off 5,000 Pounds Of Confiscated Fireworks (video) [Buzzfeed]

Ten Things We Learned During Season One of Game of Thrones (spoilers) [Gunaxin]

VIDEO BELOW: Dogs who like to swing [via Arbroath]

[Pictures via Buzzfeed and IFC]

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