The Patriots Got Jobbed And It Was Glorious

11.19.13 5 years ago 142 Comments

For the second time in time in a little over a year, a Monday night game ended in extremely controversial fashion as the officiating determined the outcome. In Week 3 last year, it was the scab refs who jobbed the Packers by ruling that Golden Tate caught a Hail Mary in the end zone to beat the Packers. This year, the Patriots got hosed by not getting another chance with the game on the line as a flag that was initially thrown for defensive holding in the end zone as time expired was picked up, accompanied by scant explanation.

Yup, the Patriots got screwed. Tom Brady left the field screaming obscenities as a referee.

It was beautiful.

Sure, an argument can be made that one of the best games of the year was marred by a controversial and incorrect finish. I understand that line of reasoning. At the same time, a clean victory by either team is nowhere near as memorable as this ending. And bountiful for the purposes of schadenfreude. Even if it weren’t the Patriots, how do you feel bad for a team with a lineman who injured Charles Johnson with a blatantly dirty leg whip? Oh, the beautiful uncomfortable silence in Bill Belichick’s postgame conference. Angels don’t sing songs as sweet.


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