Want To See Patton Oswalt As The Penguin In A Batman Parody?

Badman returns to once again ask, “Harvey Dent. Can we trust him?” Even better, Patton Oswalt (who said some poignant stuff yesterday) now stars as the Penguin in this newest Batman parody from Front Page Films and College Humor. Pete Holmes stars as “Badman” while Matt McCarthy plays Commissioner Gordon. Three stand-up comics in a Batman parody? Be still, my heart.

The Penguin and Commissioner Gordon try to teach the Dark Knight an important lesson about where people go after they’re cut in the throat by a Batarang or gunned down in an alley outside a Zorro flick. If you’ve watched Badman in action before, you know how well this works out. [io9]

Awhile back, Pete Holmes said on his free podcast that he’d just recorded his last Batman parody. Hopefully he wasn’t talking about this one and there are actually dozens more of these still in post-production. I could watch Badman ruin things all day.

The rest of these Batman parodies are available here.

RIP Doctor Fishy.