Patton Oswalt Literally Brought The House Down At LaughFest And Handled It Like A Champ

Comedian, cinephile, and Twitter juggernaut Patton Oswalt was doing what he does best in Grand Rapids, Michigan last night — telling jokes. At least, he was until the stage’s backdrop collapsed during his show. According to WZZM:

The popular comic certainly got a lot of laughs in his show at Fountain Street Church. Then, while closing his act, the stage backdrop collapsed. He wasn’t hurt, and his handling of the situation at the end of a great show drew a standing ovation.

Oswalt’s fans were already live-tweeting the show, so of course Twitter exploded with the news in real-time:

Oh, the unnecessary organs I would’ve donated to have been at that show. I mean, not my organs, but still — we’re talking fast back-alley surgeries, quick exchanges of cash, and tickets to Oswalt’s LaughFest performance in Grand Rapids.

(Via WZZM and Twitter)

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