Patton Oswalt Made A Parody PSA Of The Alamo Drafthouse No Texting PSA

Austin’s Alamo Drafthouse theaters have amazing policies, like playing skateboard wipeout YouTubes before the previews, and serving booze, and booting out mouth-breathing customers who talk or text during a film. The last policy was made famous this past summer when they created this magnificent PSA using the voicemail left by a disgruntled customer.

To presumably provide some viral video virality for their new film Young Adult while also paying thanks to Alamo Drafthouse for serving beers during movies, Jason Reitman has directed Patton Oswalt in this new parody PSA of the original PSA. It was filmed during a screening of Young Adult at the Drafthouse theater in Lamar and is a must watch for Oswalt fans and fans of typography of mispronounced words.

I read somewhere that Oswalt is getting some early awards buzz for his supporting role in the film. I haven’t seen it yet and can’t remember where I read it but I choose to believe it and encourage you to spread the good word.

Via Splitsider