Read Patton Oswalt’s Wonderful Twitter Rant About Watching TV Being Better Than Going Outside

Premiere Of FX's "Justified" Season 4 - Red Carpet
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Last night, Patton Oswalt took to Twitter to comment on the amount of quality television entertainment there is to choose from. Sometimes the amount of great programming available can really get a bit overwhelming, and as per usual, Mr. Oswalt hit the nail on the proverbial head here. While his argument jokingly gives all the reasons why one should avoid going outside to live life and get sunshine to watch ALL THE TV SHOWS, his tweets are really a celebration of all the fantastic series that are currently at our disposal. I might just print these out and hang them somewhere in my house as a daily affirmation of sorts.

Check out the tweets below.

It feels like Patton covered most of the bases. Aside from House of Cards and Vikings, tell me dear readers — what shows did he miss?