Patton Oswalt’s Goodbye Forever To DC Comics

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DC has been conducting an online Nielsen market research survey for readers’ opinions on the New 52 reboot, but they’ve also dispatched reps to comic book shops to poll customers in person. Patton Oswalt ran into one of these reps at Meltdown Comics in L.A.

Oswalt—who has also written comics, Serenity: Float Out for Dark Horse and a JLA story for DC, while being a high-ranking nerdlebrity—took to his Twitter account after being approached by a DC/Nielsen surveyor at his local comic shop [Blastr]

Among the things he said were that the “pushy Nielsen d*ck-scrapes” wouldn’t take no for an answer and that he “bought my last DC comics, EVER, today”. Goodbye forever, DC. Although I suspect he’ll buy another DC comic eventually. Earlier this month he was talking about how he’ll complain about comic book crossovers being a money grab, yet he still buys each one. I’m starting to wonder if DC’s business model is to induce Stockholm Syndrome. *walks away while The Incredible Hulk’s Lonely Man Theme plays*