Paul Ryan Announces The Role Of Of A Lifetime For GOP Nominee ‘Donald Day Trump’

Following an occasionally shouty, but otherwise uneventful roll call vote of the Republican National Convention delegates, Speaker Paul Ryan officially declared Donald Trump the party’s presidential nominee. Actually, that’s a lie. Sort of. Not so much because Trump didn’t earn enough votes to pass the 1,237 threshold necessary to clench the nomination, because he did. 1,725 to be exact, which outpaced his nearest competitor, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, by a whopping 1,250 votes. Rather, because Ryan didn’t actually say Trump’s name when he announced the final tally to the delegation, instead nominating some joker named “Donald Day Trump.”

Obviously Donald J. Trump, the man who entered the stage adorned in rap music video-like lights on Monday,  is the Republican nominee for President of the United States. This determination is no longer in question. However, per the short video clip above, Ryan couldn’t manage to say his potential party leader’s name without the ol’ Freudian slip working its magic.

Needless to say, Michael Moore is relieved, but the rest of the internet literally can’t even right now.

The newly named Republican presidential nominee wasn’t about to slip anyone’s notice, least of all Uproxx’s Mike Ryan. Like many others watching the live convention coverage, Ryan’s co-opting of actor Daniel Day-Lewis’s hyphenated last name was too much to ignore.

Ryan left the stage following the blunder but later returned with RNC Chair Reince Priebus to formally announce Trump and Mike Pence’s nomination for President and Vice President of the United States.