Paul Scheer Launches Tumblr Devoted To 'Breaking Bad' GIFs

It’s been fascinating to have a front row seat for the explosion of fan art the internet has given rise to over the past few years. It’s something we devote a significant portion of the content on this site to, after all. But in all that time I can’t remember a single instance in which a fan site has been created and run by someone who’s actually “in the business,” as they say — someone whose name and face plenty of people know.

With that said, I suppose we’ve crossed some sort of web culture milestone today, as comedian Paul Scheer — who you may know from his role on The League, in addition to appearances on 30 Rock, Happy Endings, Parks & Rec and Party Down — has launched a Tumblr devoted to Breaking Bad GIFs:

Here’s a video Scheer made to announce it…

Now can people please stop calling them “JIFs?” It’s “GIF” with a “g” goddammit! Gs makes a “guh” sound, not a “juh” sound. AHHHHHH!!!