Pauly Shore Is Worried That Andy Dick Is Going To End Up Like Amy Winehouse

Pauly Shore is currently doing publicity for his new Showtime documentary, Pauly Shore Stands Alone, but in a recent interview with HuffPost Live the topic of conversation veered towards his old friend, Andy Dick. Andy Dick has problems. We all know that. As someone who actually personally cares for Andy Dick, however, Shore says that he’s worried for his friend, comparing him to Amy Winehouse — stating that if he doesn’t get help or clean up his act, he’s going to die soon. Shore says: “It’s not that cool to be f*cked up all the time anymore. Like, dude, you’re almost 50. It’s kinda gross.”

But why won’t Andy Dick get the help he clearly needs? Shore elaborated on the situation, acknowledging that Andy Dick is clearly an addict, saying: “I think he likes being f*cked up. He just loves it. He loves kind of stumbling around and touching guy’s penises and touching chicks’ boobs.”

Early in the interview clip linked above, Shore says that the last time he spoke with Andy Dick was on his podcast, and that Dick was “pretty f*cked up” at the time. I tracked down the podcast in question, which took place back in September, and got totally sucked in. It’s a really sad glimpse into the life of an addict. The main podcast itself was between Pauly Shore and Andy Dick’s 26-year-old son — standup comic Lucas Dick — providing commentary on an interview that Pauly Shore had previously conducted with Andy.

That “interview” was held in the upstairs office of Pauly Shore’s comedy club, after Andy Dick, wasted, had come looking for him because he needed a place to stay. Dick was rambling and incoherent, at one point saying that he’s broke and has $60 to his name, which someone had given to him.

After listening to the whole thing, I’d have to wager that Shore’s prediction is probably not far off. The only person that can help Andy Dick is Andy Dick, but he clearly doesn’t seem too interested in getting it.