Peaks & Recreation: ‘Twin Peaks’ Gets ‘Parks & Rec’ Credits

Editorial Director

Less than a week after Community credits got Parks & Rec’d cult classic Twin Peaks is getting the same treatment and I have to say it’s a win. I’ve actually never even seen Twin Peaks (Netflix Instant, I know!) but I was thoroughly confused by Mulholland Drive while simultaneously appreciating gratuitous lesbian scenes so I’m pretty sure that gives me the authority to deem this a success.

The most interesting thing about this new mashup trend is the appreciation it has stirred up for Parks & Recreation’s opening credits. I mean, I guess if you’d ask me two weeks ago what I thought about them I would have told you they were cool, and if you’d played me the tune I would have been like, “BAM! Parks opening credits! You’ll have to try harder than that!” But now I’m starting to feel like they’re a more significant part of the pop culture zeitgeist. I’m just spitballing here but I’m thinking the UPROXX staff getting mashed up P&R-style could come in handy one day. 404 page easter egg maybe? Ooooh, let’s make this happen.

Vimeo via Best Week Ever

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