The ‘Peloton Wife’ Actress Has Nabbed Another Acting Gig In The Wake Of That Viral Ad

It’s been one helluva wild ride for Monica Ruiz, the actress now known as the terrified wife in that viral Peloton commercial. Ruiz probably had no idea that the ad would thrust her into the spotlight over the backlash it received. Many criticized the sexist, body shaming themes found in the spot, in which a man gifts his already extremely fit wife an exercise bike for Christmas and then (seemingly?) forces her to wake up at ungodly hours to use it.

But then, Ryan Reynolds came calling, and featured Ruiz in a cheeky commercial for his brand of Aviation gin. And the rest, as they say, is history!

Now Ruiz is getting another career boost, this time in a guest spot on the long-running daytime soap, The Bold and the Beautiful, according to The Wrap.

A description of Ruiz’s role has not yet been revealed, but reps for the show confirmed that she will appear in two episodes which are set to air on CBS in late January. “The Bold and the Beautiful” has been airing since 1987 and follows the powerful Forrester family and the Los Angeles fashion scene.

Heck, good for her! With any luck Ruiz will continue to pick up acting roles, and the whole Peloton thing will just be a blip on her resume. You can watch her recent appearance on the Today show, for which she opened up about her newfound viral fame, below.