Penis Size Study Cut Short Due To Overwhelming Response

07.02.18 8 months ago


Missouri State University assistant sociology professor Dr. Alice Walker found herself deluged with too much data (by which we mean so many dick pictures) in late June when news of a scientific study she’s conducting was reported widely. The study was intended to compare penis size to self-esteem, sexual activity, condom usage, willingness to see a doctor, socializing, and mental health.

She launched the study on June 18th, soliciting 3,600 men aged 22 and older to fill out a survey, along with a measurement of their erect penis and a photo to verify they measured correctly. Men were also asked if they thought their size was below average, average, or above average; Dr. Walker noted to the Springfield News-Leader that many men who believed they were below average were actually average. (In a meta-analysis that combined the results of several penis size studies, the average erect penis size was estimated to be 5.2 inches in length and 4.6 inches in girth.)

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