A Pennsylvania Woman Was Jailed Because Her Sex Was Too Loud

A very inconsiderate Pennsylvania woman is now behind bars after terrorizing her neighbors with her incredibly loud sex. You’re probably thinking, “Well that’s just ridiculous!” But not so fast. Apparently the wildcat pumping up the volume while actually getting pumped was so troublesome that it shook up her row house neighbors’ furniture.

25-year-old Amanda Marie Warfel was sentenced to 45-90 days in jail Wednesday for threatening her neighbors when they called her out on her annoying pornstar performances. For two years, neighbor Tanya Saylor, her terminally-ill husband and their five children – including one with cancer – had to deal with Warfel’s late-night sexcapades that sometimes went on until 3:00am. Saylor said she had to get two of her daughter’s headphones just to get them to sleep through the night. And when Saylor confronted the screamer, Warfel reportedly called one of her daughters the n-word.

Warfel, who’s been in jail since March for hurling racial slurs at her neighbors, pled guilty to disorderly conduct charges. And by the way, Warfel is NOT the same Pennsylvania woman who our very own Stacey Ritzen live-tweeted having loud sex which may have very well been an exorcism.

(via ABC News, YDR)