Pennywise From ‘It’ Was Inserted Into The Opening Credits Of ‘Cheers,’ And The Internet Is Freaking Out

Warner Bros.

For 11 seasons, Cheers offered one of television’s great safe spaces — a place where “everyone knows your name,” as well as a bar where no one, not even the eternally beer-swilling Norm, gets too drunk. So prepare yourself to potentially have your memories ruined: Some enterprising Internet-er, as per Entertainment Weekly, went and carefully inserted Pennywise the killer clown into its iconic opening credits.

One Jesse McLaren is to blame for this hilarious internet time-killer. “Here’s the opening to Cheers but with Pennywise the Clown hidden in every photograph,” he wrote in a tweet with a video that offers just that. As usual, Gary Portnoy’s timeless song plays over old-timey images of bygone bar life. This time, however, the revelers are joined by the murderous demon from Stephen King’s also beloved novel It (which was released during Cheers’ fifth season).

You have to be eagle-eyed, too. It’s a real case of Where’s Waldo?; you may even have to pause it to find Pennywise amongst the action. Sometimes his freakish colors betray his location; sometimes he’s drained of color, casually chilling in a bar seat.

It’s a freaky game, this video, and maybe you’ll find it even more traumatizing than the two-part It movie series, whose second chapter arrives this fall. At least that one doesn’t troll our memories of hanging with Carla, Cliff, and Frasier.

(Via EW)