People Are Not Happy About This Giant Sculpture In Paris That Looks Like A Buttplug

10.17.14 5 years ago 12 Comments

Contemporary artist Paul McCarthy has erected this sculpture titled “Tree” at Place Vendome in Paris. Just a happy little green tree, just in time for Christmas! Some Parisians are taking issue with the sculpture, however, because this doesn’t look like what you think a tree is supposed to look like. As in, it looks more like what consenting men and ladies insert into their buttholes for a fun, sexy time.

Via The Independent:

McCarthy, who is no stranger to controversy, designed the piece specifically for the “Fiac” festival but it has not been taken well by some critics.

Printemps Francais, a far-right group that opposes gay marriage, has been complaining on Twitter. “Taxpayers – this is where your money goes!” said one post, while another claimed the Place Vendome had been “disfigured” and Paris “humiliated.”

Well, if a bunch of uptight, sexually repressed gay bashers are the loudest voice in the opposition of a giant statue that looks like a buttplug, then you’re probably doing something right. Tree, buttplug — either way you can’t deny that the thing is festive. I vote the buttplug stays.

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