Watch These People Compete For The Toughest Job In The World With A Heartwarming Twist

When I first started watching this video, I kinda figured that it would be tugging on some heart strings by the end. Once it started stacking the deck in favor of being the cruelest job in the world, you knew the fix was in and a swerve was on the way. Then it happens and I was still sort of surprised.

The topic of this video didn’t even cross my mind until the very last moment. And I guess that says something about the need for a video like this (or it says something about how thick my skull is at this age).

Giving away the final reveal would be a criminal spoiler, so you’ll just have to watch and find out. Good thing it is a pretty entertaining video and the reactions involved are pretty amazing. My only problem is putting a job out there like a carrot on a stick, only to turn things around on them for an awareness joke is kind of screwy. I’d be pissed if I sat down for an interview and found myself in the middle of some viral ad.

(Via Card Store)