People in England Actually Buy Some Ant-Man Comics — Could This Mean the Movie's Happening After All?

06.26.12 7 years ago

Is Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man movie happening or not? A couple months ago he sent out a tease for the movie via Twitter, but then word came out that he might be working on another collaboration with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost instead.

Well, here’s a tidbit that may point toward something Ant-Man related happening — people in England are actually buying Ant-Man comics. Specifically, all the Ant-Man comics in the vicinity of several British visual effects houses are being snapped up.

Here’s what comics scuttlebutt gatherer Rich Johnston had to say on the subject…

“Here’s the thing. No one asks for Ant Man comics. Not even, I’m told, when Marvel was still publishing Ant-Man comics. Each time the individuals have been asked if it’s for the Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish film and they jump back, spooked, asking how they could possibly know…”

So uh, yeah, when nerd detectives can put together that an Ant-Man movie might be happening because a tiny number of visual effects artists are actually buying these comics nobody would regularly touch, that seems like a sign, and not a good one. I like Edgar Wright, and I’m sure he’d make a good Ant-Man movie, but maybe he ought to focus on a character people not being paid to make an Ant-Man movie might recognize.

via Blastr

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