The Internet Reacts To The ‘Homeland’ Finale: ‘Nice Job, Showtime. You Should Hang Yourselves!’

After delivering what I thought was the best episode of the season, I didn’t think there’d be much backlash to the season three finale of Homeland. I didn’t think it was a perfect episode, but the ending (SPOILER Brody dies END SPOILER) was fitting, devastating, and right. My reaction was not, “How could you do this?” but, “Why didn’t you do this earlier?” The Internet, however, was not in agreement. Never underestimate a fanbase’s devotion to a character, even one that had completely exhausted its value and had nowhere left to go.

Here, via Reddit, are some choice reactions to the season finale, both right after Nicholas Brody was hanged from a crane — during the denial stage — and soon thereafter, when it was obvious that Nicholas Brody did not somehow survive the hanging. I don’t know if the outrage is funnier (“Screw you all, season four can die with Brody!” “I’ll never watch this sick sh*t again!”) or if the fabricated science of the denial is more amusing: “He is not dead. I can tell. A person who is hanging cannot keep their legs wide open apart while they are supposedly strangled by a rope.” There are even some people online who are suggesting that, in order to preserve Damian Lewis’ role in the series that next season should be a prequel.

Crazy people are crazy.

Source: Reddit