People Got Their Easter Freak On With These Easter-Themed PornHub Searches


How did you spend your Easter? Having a nice Easter Egg hunt, eating too much chocolate, and listening to drunk relatives argue with each other over dinner? Or were you fervently searching the internet for lesbians dressed up like Easter Bunnies? According to a recent Pornhub study, at least some of you out there were doing the lesbian bunny thing because, around this time of the year, people really get into the festive spirit when it comes to their masturbation habits.

Pornhub statisticians examined their 2014 Easter weekend search data and found that searches containing “Easter” were up 2130 percent, while the term “bunny” grew by 845 percent. Combining the two terms, “Easter Bunny” was up an incredible 3240 percent.

I’m guessing “Easter Surprise” doesn’t refer to when your mom hides a $10 bill inside of one of those little plastic eggs. For more sexy Easter-related search stats, head over to PornHub.