People Are Mocking Trump Spokesman Sean Spicer’s Angry Briefing With #SpicerSays And #SpicerFacts On Twitter

Getty Image / Twitter

Saturday was an eventful first official day in office for the Donald Trump administration. Not only did we have the Women’s March take over many major cities around the world in protest of Trump, but the president also made a visit to the CIA in order to weave a few lies about his battles with the intelligence community and blame it all on the media. He also made sure to point out that the media was way off on the attendance to his inauguration, followed soon after by Sean Spicer’s heated press briefing on the reporting of the inauguration.

Spicer’s angry lecture from the White House podium took over the headlines on Saturday evening, which was possibly its aim, and spawned some interesting reactions on Twitter. Most of his claims about the attendance are easily refuted by the visual evidence shared at the event, but the administration line is that the media isn’t being truthful. Judging from the reactions online, the people think that someone else is doing the lying:

And the always reliable Dan O’Sullivan went ahead and compared Spicer to Baghdad Bob:

It’s reactions like this that gave birth to the hashtag #Spicer Says, allowing people to blow off some steam in response to the crappiness of the past two days by making fun of their new rulers. If it’s the opposite of a widely held opinion or belief, Spicer is there to support it. He’s the Armond White of political press relations and here’s ready to go to bat for the new version Point Break or to call pizza a vegetable, at least according to users on Twitter:

Another hashtag also sprouted in the wake of the Spicer press briefing on Saturday evening. #SpicerFacts follows in the vein of #KatrinaPiersonHistory and runs in competition with the Spicer Says tag, but doesn’t seem to catch on in the same way:

Even Senator Al Franken got in on the fun at a Planned Parenthood event on Saturday night:

And as R.K. Bentley points out, we have a long road to go with this sort of thing. Heed these words and only dip your toes right now. We’re not even through one week.