People Of Reddit Reveal The Most Screwed Up Thing Their Ex Did After Breaking Up


If you’ve managed to get this far in life (however far “this far” is) without enduring a horrible breakup, consider yourself lucky. Myself, I lost an entire house in my last breakup with no financial compensation whatsoever… so you can guess which camp I fall under! Still, reading some of these answers on this AskReddit thread, “What was the most f*cked up thing your ex did after you broke up?” make me feel better about my own personal failures. Seriously, it’s Friday, and I could get lost in there for hours.

Here are a few exceptionally psychotic responses, and feel free to leave your own in the comments! We’ll get started with this tale of DMV-related vengeance:

My ex took a title loan on my vehicle. We were married, so he went to the DMV, requested a new title with his name added. Apparently, that is fully legal until divorce is finalized.

That fucker went to the title loan company and took a loan against the clear title. He never made a payment. I didn’t find out until it was getting towed away.

But you haven’t really lived until an ex tries to basically murder you:

We agreed that she’d collect her stuff from “our” place when we broke, without me being there. I arrived later that evening to find two gasvalves opened, so I guess I’m lucky I didn’t light a cigarette.

This one makes me feel more sorry for the new guy:

Sent me an album of her with the guy she dumped me for in all the places I took her.

Okay, who even has pictures of themselves naked at 13? If this isn’t fake, this woman has clearly had serious mental issues to begin with:

Stole my laptop and started putting pictures of herself naked as a young girl (like 13 or so) and called the cops. I had already reported it stolen, though, and it’s a pretty trivial process to show when a picture is added to a computer. That and the fact that she admitted that she took it from my home got me off the hook.

Now this is just straight up diabolical:

Not me but a neighbor. The couple got divorced and she got the house in the settlement. Only the house and the immediate house lot, not the surrounding land, that went to the husband.

The first thing he did was sell all the lumber off the rest of the land. She went from living in a nice forest to living in a clear cut. He wasn’t done yet! Once the trees were gone he sold off the topsoil, then the gravel under that. By the time he was done her house was on a hill overlooking a barren landscape reminiscent of the lunar surface. This was years ago and the place is still hideous.

Here’s a Google Street View of the house.

My ex wanted to take my dog. Never, ever, ever let them take your dog:

Lied to the cops; told them I beat her. Showed up with a squad car 12 hours earlier than agreed upon on my last day with my beloved dog, and took him from me while I sobbed. I gave her prior visitation with him until she robbed me, but I get no such visitation with him now and have not seen him in 3 years. Still think about him every day. Still burn with fiery hatred for her.

I guess this is as good as any place to end:

He shot himself in the head, right in front of me, in my apartment complex’s parking lot.

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