People Still Think The Onion Is Real News

last week when The Onion’s very obviously satirical post, “Planned Parenthood Opens $8 Billion Abortionplex”, sparked outrage on Facebook from morons who thought it was real.  A selection of those rants (via Reddit) are in the picture to the right.  Read it and try not to mangle anything important to you with rage.
That Reddit thread from last Friday inspired a new single serving tumblr we’re pleased to inform you of: Literally Unbelievable.  They post Facebook screencaps of people who take articles from The Onion seriously.  Yes, there are still people who think The Onion is real.  We wish we had their addresses so we could sell them dollar store Maxi pads to stick to their feet overnight as part of a meaningless detoxification ritual.
Literally Unbelievable is just getting started, but they show great promise.  We’ve put a few select photos after the cut.  Consider it something to look at any time you’re having a bad day.  Hey, at least you’re not these people.

Caution: taking satire literally makes one subject to ridicule.

I couldn’t resist editing this one to point out the extra stupidity.

Yes.  He totally did.  That’s exactly what happened.

Well, at least you acknowledge you don’t get it.

By “they” he probably means “Jews”.  Just a guess.

Of course she “liked” her own post, too.

“Speach”.  F–king seriously?

Wow indeed.