The 15 Finest @PepperSprayPike Tweets

My make-believe thesis on explosively viral memes goes something like this: First comes the internet recognition, then the photoshops, then the novelty accounts, and from there it sort of drifts from our collective consciousnesses with the occasional follow up development or interview or KYM episode pop ups to remind what made the whole things so meme-tastic to begin. I could get into further detail but I just made up this thesis bit for the purposes of an intro here.
So following a day of truly inspired casual pepper spraying photoshop glory, we’re in novelty account territory, where fairly clever people occupy fake Twitter accounts for about a week before tiring of it and going on living their lives. Lt. John Pike (aka Casual Pepper Spray Cop) is on pace to break some sort of make believe novelty record as by my count we’re looking at at least three Twitter accounts (here, here, and here) and an advice column. The man has a lot of fake things to say people! For my novelty Twitter account money @PepperSprayPike is doing it the best, even if it’s only hitting about a fifth of the time.
To save all your ADD-riddled *sses the hassle of perusing a bunch of text for a few “hehs” we’ve got the fifteen finest tweets right here. Anonymous fake Lt. John Pike, you had me at Hoobastank jokes.
@PepperSprayPike via Buzzfeed