Perfect Dark Remix? Don’t Mind If I Do!

02.16.10 9 years ago 10 Comments

I guess the trend in games these days is “what’s old is new” as Perfect Dark follows the footsteps of NBA Jam and Sonic. The N64 classic is the spiritual sequel to GoldenEye 007 to those uninitiated. That affiliation should bring cats up to speed if they skipped out on PD the first time around. Heck, you can even argue that it’s better than GoldenEye 007 in many ways. But we’ll leave that debate to the comments for now.

This HD rendition is more than a downloadable title with a fresh coat of paint. The single player campaign returns as does the robust customizable multi-player offering. All of the multi-player modes (competitive and cooperative) are playable online and the versus modes let up to eight players shoot it out over the Internet. The split screen functionality is still intact if online play isn’t your bag. Also the slowdown that plagued the OG version is just a memory. The game runs swimmingly with much improved visuals to boot as evidenced in the gameplay video. Plus added perks like adding all of the guns from GoldenEye 007 for multiplayer and optional controls that mimic popular modern shooters like Halo and Call of Duty round out this offering quite nicely.

You can relive the good old days of split screen Golden Gun action next month for $10 (800 MS Space Bucks) when Perfect Dark is released exclusively on Xbox Live Arcade. It’s wack to see it confined to the 360 akin to NBA Jam’s seemingly permanent home on the Nintendo Wii. At the very least it’ll see the light of day unlike its older brother. Anyway I got my Hamilton on deck for PD since it’s one of my personal faves. Drop those XBL tags if you plan on coppin’.

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