Watch These Cats Become Completely Hypnotized By Some Bubbles

It’s been a long week — one full of political malarky and the possibility of a dislike button on Facebook — and now that it’s nearing the glorious end, it’s time to let loose, kick off your shoes and…watch some cat videos. Okay, bear with me: It has been quite a while since the term “Brimley Cat” was used here at Uproxx and I’ve made the executive decision to bring that back right now.

Direct your attention to the above video of Seamus and Angus. These two shorthaired exotic Persian cats are brothers and have quite the following over on the YouTubes and the Instagrams. And, honestly, I can’t really think of a better way to welcome in a relaxing weekend than to observe these two smush-faced kitties react to a bunch of tiny bubbles all floating around and whatnot. I’m not sure which one is which but I’m going to assume Angus is the one who ended up swallowing that bubble at the video’s end, because in my mind, that behavior is just so typically Angus.

It’s possible this video may get played one or two more times on my end, until I am able to head home and obsess over the tiny bubbles…in own personal glass of wine. Shout out to Don Ho! *mic drop*

(Via Mashable)