A Peruvian Prisoner Has Been Recaptured After Drugging His Twin To Break Out Of Jail

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02.14.18 2 Comments

In what the Daily Beast points out is a plot taken straight from the pages of Arrested Development, on Monday Peruvian authorities recaptured a prisoner that had been on the lam for 13 months after escaping a prison near Lima last January. The inmate, a man named Alexander Delgado, had been serving 16 years for child sexual abuse and robbery, when he was visited by his twin, Giancarlo.

The incarcerated Delgado then apparently proceeded to drug his brother, swap clothes, and stroll on out of jail. Prison authorities were later able to confirm Giancarlo’s identity by taking his fingerprints. Giancarlo was initially put under arrest under suspicion that he had aided and abetted his brother, but was subsequently cleared of charges.

After 13 months on the run Alexander Delgado was arrested on Monday in the port city of Callao after the Ministry of the Interior offered a reward for information leading to his capture. He is now expected to be moved to a maximum security prison in the southern highlands.

Speaking to local media after his arrest, Alexander Delgado said he used the ruse to escape “because I was desperate to see my mother.”

If you recall, on Arrested Development George Bluth Sr. drugged his twin brother Oscar in a courthouse bathroom, shaved his head, then escaped out the window before police discovered the brother. Oscar was unable to be identified in a similar manner however, as he had burned off his fingerprints on the cornballer. When truth is nearly stranger than fiction…

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