A House-Trained Bison In Dallas Now Has A New Home

05.16.16 3 years ago

“TAME/HOUSEBROKEN BUFFALO COW — $5,950. Cash only. No trades.”

No, it’s not an Onion article, nor is it a fake Craigslist ad. Karen Schoeve was actually looking to get rid of Bullet, her half-ton pet bison “with great personality.”

“I’m working and feeding animals and working and feeding animals.” Schoeve, a full-time court reporter, told the Dallas Morning News in an interview this weekend. “It’s just been hard for me to keep up. The best thing for me is to get everybody a good home, especially Bullet, because she deserves the best.”

Bullet, who was domesticated even before she came to live with Schoeve, couldn’t just be turned out to live with a herd of her own. “It’s the way she came. It’s the way she is,” Schoeve said. “She doesn’t need more buffaloes, she doesn’t need to be with cattle.”

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