This Pet Sitter Provided The Most Hilarious Updates While Watching A Couple’s Bulldog

No matter how much you look forward to going on vacation, for pet owners, the excitement of getting out of town is always counterbalanced by the guilt of leaving your furbabies behind while you go off and have fun without them. Of course, having a good pet sitter helps ease your doubts, as in the case of this couple who received these daily video updates from their bulldog named Wilson while they went away on a 10-day vacation.

While the couple were off snorkeling, skiing, hiking, or doing whatever it is they were doing on their vacation, it sounds like their beloved Wilson also had some pretty exciting times, too. Most dogs don’t get to do stuff like go to the prom, ride a hog, and perform operations at any point in their lifetimes, much less all of it in the space of a week and a half.

And yes, in case you were wondering, Wilson’s pet sitter did get a hefty tip.

(Via Reddit)